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Curator of style Julia Miles-Davis announces the relaunch of SIMONE VIVIAN, the premier choice in luxury image consulting, operated from Washington, DC, while bringing its exclusive services to any home or business.

“We want every client to feel special whether they are seasoned SIMONE VIVIAN clients or just getting started. Our packages are designed to have all the tools anyone needs for success—clothes, shoes and accessories—as well as a vision for how to combine them for the maximum impact. We are here to enhance what already exists,” says Miles-Davis.

SIMONE VIVIAN provides un-parallel closet editing and style services for the less-than-organized. Services offered by SIMONE VIVIAN includes style analysis, closet edit/organization, personal shopping, wardrobe building, shopping tours, and corporate gifting.

Equally as plush to the services offered by SIMONE VIVIAN, Miles-Davis puts a unique emphasis on customer relations and creates a mutually beneficial partnership with their clients. Not merely a company that chooses outfits and sends their clients off into the world, SIMONE VIVIAN takes pride in the art of fashion. Miles-Davis aims to compliment each client’s lifestyle and develop personal style. SIMONE VIVIAN believes that styling should not be a singular experience, but rather an opportunity to revamp an individual’s entire image, including recommendations regarding intimate apparel and hairstyles.

“Every SV client will have an experience that makes them feel like he or she is winning,” said Miles-Davis. “From the closet editing to wardrobe renovation, we want to forge a connection that makes our clients feel like they can trust and believe in us and our advise.”

Esteemed fashion stylist, doting mother, published author and astute entrepreneur Julia is both Balenciaga and brains. Julia's charm is the warm and inviting southern presence of a true North Carolina belle. Julia managed to grow her business from the west coast to the east coast known as the best kept secret by gaining business via word of mouth amongst Washington D.C.’S fashion elite.

 Julia is your ultra-stylish, “Jill-of-all-trades”.


She has a love for fashion and interior design, two things that she believes pair “like Cartier and diamonds." Julia also added author to her repertoire, publishing her first book, “Mani Pedi (success is defined by you),” which is currently available at Barnes and Nobles. ” The best part of my job, is that I'm never bored, and my clients and I have great relationships”.  Julia has successfully balanced a career, family and trend-setting all while maintaining an impeccable personal flare; she has her feminine, edgy style down to a science. Julia currently resides in Washington, D.C with her husband and two children.



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