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Fenty: The Line that Shines and Doesn’t Discriminate

Ever since Rihanna introduced the world to her “Fenty Collection” closets and makeup counters everywhere have been filled with a line that’s noticeably inclusive and undeniably sexy. Fenty started out as a cosmetic line in 2017 by 2018 it expanded into a lingerie brand. In 2019 Rihanna finally gave the people what they wanted and turned Fenty into a luxury clothing company.

“Ever since its early days as a beauty only brand, Fenty stood out and exceeded every other line that had come before it. .”

When Fenty beauty first hit stores fans praised Rihanna for including a diverse range of foundation and concealer colors. Many other makeup lines have neglected women of color; a mistake Rihanna was determined not to make. When speaking to “Instyle” back in 2017 Rihanna made it clear that one of her biggest goals for her Fenty beauty line was to make women of color feel welcomed and adored.  She said, “ That was very important to me. I wanted everyone to feel included.” Fenty beauty is also highly pigmented. Its eye shadow will not smudge even after hours of wearing it. The same can be said about Fenty lipsticks and lip-gloss. Fenty’s lip products will stay on your lips for as long as you decide to keep them on, the color won’t fade until you decide to wash it off. 

Savage X Fenty

Fenty’s lingerie line, known as “Savage X Fenty,” is one of the most unique and stunning lingerie brands to ever grace the fashion world. But most importantly it embraces women of all shapes and sizes. It’s bra sizes range from 32A-42H. “Savage X Fenty,” is also not afraid to show its love for its diverse range of customers. Its Ad campaign is filled with models of different colors and body shapes. Even body shapes that the fashion world has ignored for so long, such as the “Apple shape.” The representation of women who the fashion world has tossed to the side for so long is groundbreaking and legendary. Both, “Fenty Beauty,” and “Savage X Fenty,” prove that beauty and style doesn’t come in a single color or shape size but rather in our diversity and in embracing ourselves for who we are.

You can dance the night away in one of Fenty’s sexy and flirty flowy dresses.

“One reason why Fenty is special compared to other fashion lines is because it celebrates the beauty that's found in our differences..”

Rihanna worked hard to make sure that people no matter their size or skin color could feel beautiful, comfortable and confident.  Rihanna made history when she partnered with French luxury conglomerate “Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy” or “LVMH” for her fenty clothing line. She became the first black woman to ever launch luxury goods with the prestigious company. Fenty proved to be worthy of the partnership.  The clothes are alluring and timeless. Fenty’s coats and jackets are the perfect mix of simple but everlasting.

Ohhh the shoes!

and won’t have to worry about any rips or tares.Fenty also has a clothing piece for every occasion. Whether you need a Trendy T-shirt to wear to the movies or a dress for a gala Fenty has got you covered. Ensuring that her line had an outfit for every occasion was crucial for Rihanna. She explained to Vogue UK back in May 2019 that her style is constantly changing. She said, “ There is huge diversity in the collection, which you will see as the new pieces come out because that's my style. I'm in sweats one day and a dress the next.” Whether your feeling laid back or fancy the Fenty collection will have an outfit that suits your mood. 

One of the greatest gifts of the entire Fenty collection is its shoes! Rihanna undoubtedly put in hours of hard work because Fenty shoes are just perfection! Even Cinderella's glass slippers don't shine as brightly as Rihanna’s gems. From adorable but sophisticated flats to fun and colorful strap sandals fenty has the shoes that every girl needs. A pair of one of Fenty’s vibrant and youthful double strap high heel sandals will bring fun and excitement to your life. They are perfect to help you stand out at a summer party and to help you complete any outfit.  Even though Rihanna is a superstar with a job that’s glamorous and extortionary she took us regular working girls into account when she created Fenty the Affair Pumps. These lovely pumps come in the rich color of caramel. They are also available in traditional black and in the fresh tone of minty green. If you want to add a little sparkle to your everyday job these are these affair pumps are the shoes for you. They are sexy but classy. They are comfortable but will still help you stand tall and with confidence. They will make you feel like a badass woman ready to take the professional world by storm


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