As your personal shoppers leave it to us, to select the perfect gift for those you love, from the one who has everything to your assistant who keeps your life together and we can't forget about the kids. SIMONE VIVIAN will help you make a remarkable impression for any occasion. Here are just a few of our favs.


Let go of what no longer serves you, a common theme that applies to

your life and now your wardrobe. Here at SIMONE VIVIAN we believe in

cleaning out the neglected I-will-wear-it-one-day, to make room for the

new and exiting that you deserve to wear now! Purge any outdated

silhouettes to make space for the seasons hottest heels, rich knits and

outerwear amongst many things. SIMONE VIVIAN will edit your closet

then organize it into your personal boutique.

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Ask. believe. receive... you are great, with or with out us. With

assistance from the SIMONE VIVIAN we can help you become your best self. How you ask? This consultation is a simple conversation seeking to understand your lifestyle to better service your needs. 



Scouring racks, hauling bags, and waiting in line at registers give many of us hives, especially when you’re not quite sure of what to buy! Leave it to us, because guess what? We love that stuff! SIMONE VIVIAN will shop for any occasion, whether it’s finding the perfect suit for your job interview or back-to-school shopping for the kids.


Your closet is our playground. If yours is packed tight and you still feel you have nothing to wear, its time to call us for a game of keep or donate. We have access to expert tailors and will partner to determine if your outdated silhouette can be revamped or if it's time to let it go. Edited items are donated or discreetly sold.  At SIMONE VIVIANwe are experts in creating well organized, zen wardrobes, no matter how big or small…

The Editors will go through a client’s closet, separating pieces that are no longer necessary to the client’s wardrobe, which could be donated, discreetly sold, or discarded. At the same time also keeping lasting items that could be added on to. Depending on the amount of clothes the client has, organizing the closet can take anywhere from a few hours to days. The Editors create well-organized and tidy wardrobes that keep the home humming.


SIMONE VIVIAN will create the ultimate shopping experience. We will pick you up at the door of your hotel or home and chauffeur you to the hottest spots to shop for locals and travelers alike! We make special occasions that much more special; be it a birthday or Mother’s Day, complete with a champagne lunch.


From honeymoons to business trips, SIMONE VIVIAN packs for the perfect occasion, making that part of your trip worry SIMONE VIVIAN, also will assist you with moving into your new home. We unpack your wardrobe and create a proper place for all of your items. 



 We will photograph your wardrobe and organize a book of coordinated outfits. This creates ease and efficiency when getting ready for your day. Also conveniently available to refer to when packing for a trip.



When you think 80's fashion you think Thriller and Princess Diana. Julia Miles Davis, founder of SIMONE VIVIAN 

Image consulting, is here today to show us how to rock the 80's trend with a modern flare. 

No matter what your relationship status is, February 14 is the day to turn up the heat with your wardrobe. Julia Miles-Davis, founder of SIMONE VIVIAN Image Consulting, showed us how to dress to impress for any type of Valentine's Day date.

Julia Miles-Davis is the founder of SIMONE VIVIAN, an image consultant and styling company. She came on to explain how her services work, and how she can help you edit your wardrobe and upgrade your life. #SmallBusinessSaturday

Julia Miles-Davis, founder of SIMONE VIVIAN Image consulting, is here today to talk about what to wear to a holiday party.  

Curious what the must have accessories are this fall. Julia Miles-Davis,founder of SIMONE VIVIAN Image consulting, is here today to show what they are and how to wear them. 

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Commitment. Julia made a commitment to me, to fashion and to herself, and in the end; I couldn't be anymore pleased with the results.

Penny Sarver Wife of Robert Sarver

Owner of the Phoenix Suns

Unparalleled sophistication and expertise...Julia really is THE best!


Alexis Stoudemire Wife of Amar'e Stoudemire

Miami Heat

I feel like a princess walking into my closet every morning. Every dress, accessory and glass slipper in its rightful place.

Tamia Hill

Award winning recording artist, and wife of Grant Hill, former NBA star

Julia is dependable, honest and professional. Its clear that she loves fashion, because she is a amazing at what she does!

Tynesha Dansby Wife of Karlos Dansby

Cleveland Browns


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